Range of Specialty Fertilizers

ZFC Limited has a range of highly soluble specialty NPK fertilizer blends of choice. These have been formulated for all types of vegetables, cut flowers and all kinds of specialty crops under open field and green house.

Main key attributes

  •   They are highly water soluble
  • They are suitable for a wide range of crops and application methods, which includes fertigation, drenching and foliar.
  • They do not clog drip lines and emitters.
  • They offer the right nutrient ratio for different crops at different stages of development.
  • They do not contain chloride nor sodium which are undesirable elements for plant growth if present in large amounts.
  • They reduce labour and offer the right nutrient ratio for different crops and their respective stages of development.
  • They supply a balance of nutrients required at all stages

The Range

Fertilizer blends with different nutrient ratios are required in order to meet the varying nutrient demand of different crops and stages of development to which fertilizer can be applied. Below is the range which meets this requirement.

What are Trace elements?

These are nutrients required by plants in small quantities and they are vital ingredient in the growing healthy plants and in high yields, quality crops, healthy livestock and hence profitable return. Some examples include Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Molybdenum and Boron.