ZFC supplies a wide range of insecticides for various crops

The damage caused by insect pests is one of the principal factors leading to reduced crop production. Damage may be direct or indirect. Pests have a direct impact on agricultural food production by chewing the leaves of crops, thus reducing photosynthesis, sucking out plant sap, boring within the roots, fruits, stems or leaves. Direct losses may also occur post- harvest during storage. Indirect damage may result when feeding damage caused by insects creates opportunities for secondary infection by pathogens to take place resulting in rots and loss of quality.

To use Insecticides successfully the following must be observed

  • Always read the entire label for full instructions
  • Avoid over-reliance on one product for a pest to avoid resistance development.
  • Care to be taken to avoid over application
  • Use correct and properly calibrated equipment
  • Always clean out the spray tank before and after use
  • Always wear protective clothing