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Do not risk reduction of your yield - use herbicides to guard against weeds.

How do weeds affect your crop?

Weeds compete with the crop for nutrients, water and light. The crop suffers most from weed pressure in the first three to five weeks of crop development. Weed pressure severely reduces crop yield.

Sencor 480 SC (Metribuzin)

Sencor 480 SC is a pre-emergence to early post emergence or transplanting herbicide. It is used for the control of annual broadleaf weeds in barley and maize. Sencor is also used for the control of annual broad leaf weeds and some grass weeds in potatoes, soya beans and transplanted tomato.

You can use Sencor to control weeds in the following crops:

  • Barley: Post emergence application, when the crop is at 3 - 5 leaf stage
  • Maize: Early post emergence, apply as full cover spray.
  • Soya bean: Pre-emergence. Not recommended in light textured soil
  • Potatoes: Pre-emergence, apply at planting or before crop emergence.
  • Tomatoes: Apply as directed spray between the tomato rows.

How does Sencor help your crop?

It is a pre-emergence weed killer which controls weeds at an early stage. This ensures that your crop will have a starter advantage and this in turn protects your yield when you eventually harvest the crop.

Other benefits of using Sencor

Sencor has a short period of residual effect. It therefore becomes easy for you to practice rotation with your crops.

How to mix Sencor

Calibrate your equipment well so that you apply the right amount of product.
Half fill the container with half the required amount of water. Measure out the chemical and put in the water.
Then fill up to the full required amount of water and mix. This way you get an even mixture.

Safety when handling chemicals:

  • Always read the label before applying
  • Always wear protective clothing when applying a chemical
  • Store chemicals under lock and key
  • Always check for compatibility before mixing more than one chemical
  • Always wash tools and equipment after use
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